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Great Feedback from one of our clients!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Phil at The FD Consultant (part time/fractional CFO consulting) receives great feedback from a client!

We are so proud to have received this testimonial from Ryan Gledhill, CEO of Thallo. At The FD Consultant, we take pride in providing high quality, flexible support for growing businesses.

We couldn’t be happier to receive such glowing feedback!

Thank you Ryan for your kind words, and very well done to Phil Christmas for a job well done!

Please read Ryan's full testimonial below:

"After engaging two venture capitalists as minority shareholders, we realized that our accounting had fallen behind due to the time devoted to developing and promoting our platform. Recognizing the need for assistance, we reached out to The FD Consultant.

Phil, who joined our team on a part-time basis, swiftly grasped our requirements and took charge of establishing our accounting software. He also identified areas where additional documentation, specialized tax knowledge, or legal advice was necessary.

With Phil's guidance, we were able to assemble a reliable accounting team and stabilize our financial operations.

While we pride ourselves as pioneers at the forefront of technology and sustainability within our sector, we appreciated Phil's ability to adapt, learn, and provide valuable advice in areas where our expertise was limited. His contributions have played a vital role in ensuring we stay on the right track.

We wholeheartedly recommend The FD Consultant, particularly Phil, to any startup seeking accounting support or independent professional advice. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with him whenever the need arises in the future."

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