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Romesh Jeyaseelanayagam - Fractional / Part Time CFO, The FD Consultant

"I set up The FD Consultant because I wanted to help growing businesses become even more successful. 

I realised that many businesses who do not employ a full time CFO are missing out due to budget constraints or simply not fully appreciating the value that an FD can add.

We offer flexible senior finance consulting which works for you and your business.

There is nothing more effective than implementing large company best practice in growing enterprises - that's our specialism." 

An FD Consultant adds value to your business and helps you make the right decisions

Having a good FD consultant in your business will:

 Save you money

 Improve management information

 Drive your planning and forecasting

 Strengthen processes

 Reduce risk 

 Increase oversight

 Ensure compliance

 Enhance your finance team

 Provide you with good network connections

 Offer critical thinking on strategy

 Help you fundraise or manage cash effectively

 Support Senior Management

The FD Consultant delivers based on the following principles.


We offer a unique blend of a corporate background coupled with start up and high growth experience, bringing together the best of both worlds. We understand the pressures of growing businesses, whilst also appreciating the importance of setting up organisations for success with best practice.


- Do you need an FD on an interim basis, or need help with a time specific project?

- Do you need a senior finance person on your team, or a part time CFO?

- Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you grow your business?

Whatever your circumstances, we are totally flexible and can work effectively within budget constraints. We can work with you on a daily, weekly or even hourly basis. This will help you control your costs.


Our rates are competitive. But as well as offering excellent value, we also focus on adding value. We can offer expertise, higher level strategic thinking and output which will positively impact your decision making and elevate your business’s performance.


The best and most successful organisations set the highest standards in everything they do. We fully support this approach and believe it is the key to success. Our focus is on getting work done on a timely basis, but also ensuring it is of the highest quality.


Our consultants love working with people and look to form strong, long term relationships with our clients and partners. We focus on clear communication, mutual understanding and coordination. We share your goals.


Our team has a high level of integrity and this is essential for a CFO, Non Executive Appointee or Mentor. We will handle your business information and our relationships with the utmost discretion. Trust is a fundamental aspect of our working partnerships.

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