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The FD Consultant and our clients help protect rainforests

The FD Consultant (Part time/Fractional CFO support) helps protect rainforests

The FD Consultant and our clients are proud to have protected over 6,000 acres of rainforest and separately offset over 500 tonnes of CO2 in 2023.

As climate change impacts us in ever more obvious ways, we are encouraging growing businesses to take steps to protect our precious planet.

We would encourage all SME businesses to develop sustainability policies, it can be less complicated than you think! And it’s good for business as well as the planet.

A big thank you to Rainforest Trust UK and Ecologi!

Working with credible, transparent partners is vital when pursuing your business sustainability goals.

We are proud conservation circle members of Rainforest Trust UK.

If you would like to support Rainforest Trust UK, please visit their website here.

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