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A Night at the UK Content Awards

UK Content Awards | The FD Consultant | Diversity & Inclusion

It was an honour for Romesh to be invited to the UK Content Awards last week to spend a great evening in the company of the D&I Team at ICAEW, their content team at Sunday and fellow workshop attendee Zoeb Khan.

It was humbling to be involved in the ICAEW Diversity and Inclusion workshop last year, where Romesh and other participants worked with Steps Drama Learning Development, who performed various role plays themed around diversity and inclusion. This provoked much discussion and insight.

The resulting film content is truly inspiring – as evidenced by the fact it has been nominated for multiple awards at various events and won 6 awards!

We were shortlisted for several categories at the UK Content Awards. Unfortunately, we didn't win this time, but it was a fabulous evening with great people!

A big thank you to all those involved - Dr Antonia Sudkaemper, Steph Hill and their teams.

If you would like to see the award winning content, please follow the link below

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