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The Green Path Podcast

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

The Green Path Podcast - The FD Consultant

Romesh was recently interviewed by The Green Path Podcast, hosted by Deborah Labi.

Deborah is a creative minded entrepreneur who has many years of business experience in the Holiday Rental sector.

Deborah is on a journey to becoming greener and taking steps on the green path towards sustainability. She believes that simple steps can be put into place to progress your own business and community on the environmentally-friendly path.

The Green Path Podcast explores this concept and firmly believes that sustainability practices not only help us to cleanse the planet, but also add value to our clients and increase business revenue at the same time.

At The FD Consultant, we are also strong believers in this principle of sustainability being a win-win for businesses everywhere.

Romesh explains how The FD Consultant combines business strategy and sustainability with our clients, who are predominantly start ups, high growth and small to medium enterprises.

A big thank you to Deborah for inviting Romesh onto the podcast.

If you’d like to hear or watch the podcast please click on the link below.

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