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The FD Consultant presents to the Connect Network

The FD Consultant (Part time/Fractional CFO support) presents to Connect Network on Key Financial and Strategic Considerations when growing your business

Romesh really enjoyed presenting to the great people at Connect Network recently. It’s good to share knowledge, and we believe it’s important to demystify and make accessible information that many find complex.

Romesh focused on the topic of Key Financial and Strategic Considerations for growing businesses, and whilst it covers a large subject area, he was really pleased with the feedback and engagement from the group.

Connect Network is a group of business owners and leaders who want to make a difference.

The participation and discussion that resulted showed just how relevant this area is.

Harnessing the power of Finance is crucial to making a business more successful.

At The FD Consultant, we support our clients on a part time/fractional basis with our financial expertise and experience – we help them cut through the noise and add value.

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