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Giving back to Society – Ian Digs Deep

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Dig Deep - The FD Consultant

At The FD Consultant, we are not only passionate about supporting growing businesses, we also love giving back to society.

Our FD Consultant Ian Wyatt, has been a supporter of the charity Dig Deep (Africa) for a number of years and is now the Treasurer and a Trustee of the organisation.

Dig Deep is a small but growing charity that currently works in Bomet County in Kenya to help improve access to water, toilets and sanitation. 8 out of 10 inhabitants lack access to clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene in this county with a population of a million people.

Dig Deep’s overriding mission is to unlock opportunity for Kenya's poorest residents, county by county, by ensuring everyone has clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene - forever. By reducing the time lost to water collection and preventable disease, Dig Deep can help remove barriers to learning and earning, allowing people to lift themselves out of poverty.

For a child, this can mean the difference between dropping out of primary school and completing a full education.

For a parent, the difference between struggling to get by and earning enough to improve the prospects of their family.

Ian is participating in the Walk for Water challenge in May next year where he will see first-hand the transformative impact of the water and sanitation projects that have been made possible through the work of Dig Deep.

“I will be visiting Kenya at my own expense in May 2023 and raising funds for Dig Deep through a sponsored walk, the Walk for Water challenge, in Bomet County. I have a big passion for East Africa and I’m fully behind encouraging education for rural kids in Kenya.”

Ian would be very grateful for any donations to support his walk, and this can be done via this link:

If you would like to find out more about Dig Deep and the great work they are doing, please visit their website at:

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